Cloud vs IP

We get asked a lot about how Y-cam cloud cameras compare against IP cameras.  There are pros and cons of each, however we believe the benefits of cloud cameras outweigh those of IP cameras, especially for non-technical users that don’t want to manage where and how their videos are stored. It is generally accepted that cloud cameras are easier to set up and use, and because your video footage is stored offsite (which Y-cam provides to customers for free) it is much safer.

Y-cam used to manufacture IP cameras, however due to feedback from customers now only offers a smart cloud-based security solutions. Customers and the Press seem to support its decision as the flagship HomeMonitor camera continues to win numerous awards including the recent ‘Sunday Times, Best Buy Award’ beating other well-known brands to the title.  Read about it here

We have also put together an easy comparison chart so you can compare the differences of Cloud Cameras Vs. IP and make your own mind up.

Are you an IP customer who is considering changing to cloud based cameras?  Get in contact with us and we can help you out with a special offer.

Y-cam Cloud IP Cameras
Footage is stored in cloud securely away from your property Footage is stored on the property – where it can be stolen or damaged
Footage stored and organised neatly by data/time – no additional devices needed Separate storage device required and files need to be managed
Footage accessed anywhere anytime using your smartphone or tablet Footage not easily accessible remotely
Quick and easy set-up using smartphone – no router configuration required Router Configuration and Port management may be required
Software upgrades – fixes new features etc can be pushed to the camera automatically No automatic software upgrades to camera
No maintenance required Customer storage & network maintenance required
Bank level encryption applied to all videos uploaded to the cloud server Security of footage is up to customer to manage – usually there is none available
Average set up time: 4 minutes Average set up time: 48 minutes