CCTV vs wireless security camera’s – What’s the difference?

Every home or business owner should have adequate security in place to protect themselves from preying eyes, but a challenge presents itself when considering what system will meet their specific needs.

With so much technical jargon flying around, it is easy to get confused; CCTV, IP, wireless; the list goes on. To help bust the myths around security cameras, we’ve put together a handy comparative guide to show you how these systems differ, and what solution is best for you. We run down our list of CCTV vs wireless security camera’s.

What makes wireless security better than CCTV?


cctv vs wireless security camera

“HomeMonitor saved my business” – the Andy Price Story


Falling victim to any act of crime can leave you feeling vulnerable, no more so then when a stranger enters your property and takes something that doesn’t belong to them.

This is how Andy Price, MD of IT recruitment company ITSS Recruitment felt after he became a victim to a burglary which resulted in expensive equipment being stolen from his office in Watford. However, instead of playing the victim, he became victorious after installing a HomeMonitor camera.

Easy Setup Guide for HomeMonitor HD Pro from Ultimate Handyman

DIY home monitoring shouldn’t be an onerous task, which is why we’ve made the setup of our cameras as easy as possible so that anyone can install a camera in a matter of minutes. However, we understand the idea of setting up an outdoor camera and feeding cables through the wall may seem a little risky.

Outdoor installation should not feel daunting, which is why our friends at Ultimate Handyman have put together an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to get your HomeMonitor HD Pro camera up and running. Secured to the side of your home, the HD Pro has the added ability to be powered through Power of Ethernet (PoE). By using PoE, you can reduce the amount of cabling running through the wall, making a much tidier setup.