Y-cam Cloud Cameras vs IP Cameras

Cloud vs IP

We get asked a lot about how Y-cam cloud cameras compare against IP cameras.  There are pros and cons of each, however we believe the benefits of cloud cameras outweigh those of IP cameras, especially for non-technical users that don’t want to manage where and how their videos are stored. It is generally accepted that cloud cameras are easier to set up and use, and because your video footage is stored offsite (which Y-cam provides to customers for free) it is much safer.

Why Y-cam?

It is very important to know when purchasing a home security camera that cloud storage is an essential, otherwise you are just buying a live streaming machine, so basically a web cam! Because of this, at Y-cam, we believe Cloud storage should be provided to customers free of charge.

Most other camera manufacturers do not agree and charge customers for cloud storage as well as many other features that Y-cam also provide for free.

To help you make the best decision when choosing your Home Security Camera we have done the work for you and compared Y-cam against other well-known brands in the market.



Mums Love Y-cam Too!


Y-cam HDS has been engineered to help all different types of customers.  Check out what some parenting bloggers have to say about Y-cam and how they use our products to keep their family safe.  They are also running some great competitions, which you can enter.