Because you can’t always be there

We understand that life can get really busy, and there will be times when you want to be more in touch with what’s happening at home but just can’t. It’s natural to feel concerned about your property or loved ones when you’re not there, but how would you feel if something important happened and you didn’t find out until it was too late? If you could, wouldn’t you want to know straight away?

Today, smartphones enable us to stay connected to our friends, our work and all the latest news from virtually anywhere 24/7, so why not be connected in the same way to what’s going on in our homes? We may be able to ask close friends or neighbours to check in on our behalf, but why rely on others if we can easily check in ourselves whenever we want?


Seeing is believing

Y-cam’s award-winning range of Wi-Fi video security cameras and smart alarm systems let you know what’s happening at your property from anywhere via your smartphone. All Y-cam products are designed to be affordable, easy to use and require no technical expertise to set up, so you can be watching live video and receiving motion-detected alerts within minutes of opening the box. And unlike the other cameras on the market, Y-cam include ample free secure cloud storage, so there is no local video recording device required. You can review and download recordings, and feel secure knowing that if your camera is damaged or stolen, the videos are stored safely in your online Y-cam account. The combination of a smart alarm system with indoor and outdoor cameras provides complete all-round protection.


A British company you can trust

Y-cam is headquartered in the UK and has been specialising in smart home security since 2007. It’s all we do. Our Y-cam cloud platform records over 2 million videos each day, providing real peace of mind for our customers around the world.

At Y-cam, we’re passionate about how this technology helps, and in many cases, improves the lives of our customers by giving them the freedom and peace of mind to be away yet still remain in touch. We believe that people shouldn’t have to worry about what happens at home, so we make it easy for anyone, regardless of their circumstances or technical ability, to be able to check in on the things they care about, when they can’t be there.